I have recorded several book series for Eleanor Curtain Publishing, both in others’ studios and also here in my own. As a mama and a passionate advocate of education and literature it is a pleasure to have given voice to such an engaging range of titles.

Below are a few sample titles of the many wonderful fiction and nonfiction educational readers recently recorded at Audio by Eve for Eleanor Curtain Publishing.

Alpha Kids Plus – A guided reading program with a variety of narrative and informative texts




What a privilege it was to contribute in some tiny way to the sharing of Nah Doong’s story, care of Radio National’s The History Listen.

Nah Doongh’s story 

Nah Doongh’s story tells of a life that was lost and found; a life that spanned the entire 19th century and bore witness to the colonisation of Australia. It is also a story of love, loss and one woman’s tenacity to die on the land on which she was born.